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Model 02 - Sure Shot 45 rpm adapter / clamp

Image of Model 02 - Sure Shot 45 rpm adapter / clamp

The new model of 45 rpm adapter for dinked 7' records.

Our new model of the 45 rpm adapter is made of high-quality stainless steel and feature rubber O-ring around the spindle.
This rubber O-ring provide additional stability during the audition or DJ set.
Weight matter as professional DJs and audiophiles know well.
This 45 centre is much heavier than the standard aluminium or plastic equivalent.
Sure Shot 45 adapters are one of the heaviest available on the market.

It's recommended for the Hip-Hop style of mixing.
(perfect for scratching and beat juggling techniques).

Our 45 rpm adapters are precision milled on CNC machine.


Weight: 110g
Hight: 19,4mm
Diameter: 38mm with O-ring: 43mm
Material: Stainless steel
Packaging bag: Velour

In addition, we can make custom laser engraving on the top of the unit with your logo.
For the custom projects and other questions please contact us.

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Made in EU