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Sure Shot vinyl record clamp - stabilizer

Image of Sure Shot vinyl record clamp - stabilizer
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Super solid 12' record clamp with reduction on 7' records.
This dual purpose clamp is a perfect solution for any vinyl lover.
Optimised weight will reduces any vibrations or feedback.
This clamp will help to flatten warps records and stabilize the disc.
One side is dadicated to any small hole records format.
Flip side is dadicated to standard big hole 7' records.
Each clamp/stabilizer comes with wooden hexagon box - magnetic lock
This clamp is precision milled on CNC machine.


Weight: 492g
Hight: 14mm
Diameter: 83mm
Material: Stainless steel
Packaging: wooden hexagon box - magnetic lock

In addition, we can make custom laser engraving on the clamp or box.
For the custom projects and other questions please contact us.

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Made in EU